Be aware of the heart πŸ’›

Listen… Do you hear that? That thumping sound… That’s your heart. ❀️

If you listen carefully, you’ll know how you’re feeling. So, how are you feeling?

Sad? 😭 Stressed? πŸ˜“ Happy? πŸ˜„ Lazy? 😴 Active? 😝

Depending on how you feel… Your choice of clothing is affected. For example…

Let’s say you feel lazy. 😴 That means you’re more likely to wear comfortable clothing like sweats, hoodies, pajamas, etc.

Not convinced? πŸ€”

Ok, so now let’s say you’re happy! πŸ˜„ That means you’ll wear clothing you feel fantastic in! Whether that’s an amazing dressing, a cool t-shirt, soft scarf, or the coolest sneakers you have… You wear what makes you happy. πŸ’›