Dry skin? belif in water! πŸ’§

Pun intended… But seriously, this stuff works wonders. After washing my face with the oil-free wash and the cleanser, my face was dry! I needed a solution…πŸ€”

And this is it! The belif Aqua bomb moisturizer and Peat miracle revital eye cream both work for my (oily / acne prone) skin! πŸ˜šπŸ’™

The products didn’t produce any negative side effects (really crazy since my face is very sensitive!) which is incredible! πŸ’ƒ πŸ•Ί

The reason I haven’t used the Hungarian water essence (moisturizer) is that the Aqua bomb works perfectly! So I don’t plan on trying it until I run out!

2 of 3 of these products are made for all skin types – The belif Hungarian water essence and the Peat miracle revital eye cream.

The Aqua bomb is explicitly made for normal to oily skin types (sorry dry skin peeps 😭)

But don’t worry! The Hungarian water essence is your substitute! πŸ˜™

This one may be harder to find… But the search is worth it. βš“οΈ




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