Time for some Eucalyptus!

Use L’Oréal Paris’ Pure-Clay Purify & Mattify Face Mask (Eucalyptus)!

It’s the first mask to use from the three-step series! No, you don’t use all three on the same day… But instead, use only one of the steps a day! 😊❤️

For example… You start with the Eucalyptus face mask. The next day, you’ll use the Charcoal face mask… Then the Red Algae Extract face mask!

I will let you know what I loved about each one and what to look out for! 😙

To start… I’ll give you some loves/hates on the L’Oréal Paris’ Pure-Clay Purify & Mattify Face Mask (Eucalyptus)… Let’s just call it the green face mask for clarity!

The Loves! 😍 – It literally makes your face feel better. Instantly. Probably the first face mask of this price (Around $13) to ever give excellent results! I love this face mask a lot. But it isn’t the best from the three-part series. But, it leaves your face feeling very soft, matte, de-stressed, unclogged, refreshed and re-energized!

The Hates… 👿 – During the process, you can feel the face mask hardening… While it hardens, prepare to feel like it’s pulling your skin! It may feel a little discomforting at first… If you can fight through this discomforting feeling, the results are worth it in my opinion!

Try out this face mask! It didn’t leave any discoloration or allergic reactions for me (Again, very surprising since I am prone to a lot of things!)


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