The long drives…

Anything above an hour drive is a long drive in my book. I’ll have KPCC (NPR) playing for background noise and thoughts in my head.

I never get philosophical in showers like most people do, my creative thinking happens when I’m on the road. I find this weird. I got to work after driving for an hour and a half, and now I have some downtime.

In my car, I was asking questions to myself. Questions like, “What is driving me?” and “What will be my first job after college?” The questions were just popping up. But I never really answered them. I thought of potential answers instead. The final question I had after shift my car into park was, “How well do I know myself?”

I find this very weird that this happens to me most if not every time I am on the road for an extended period.

Do you have an odd place or activity that sparks the creative juices in your head?



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