I really want to read more. More news articles, books, and comics.

This a very common thing for me. But then I end up not getting to it. Sure I can blame it on being too busy, or being tired, time constraints, and forgetting about it. I feel like that’s the easy way out.

What’s funny is that I love daydreaming about reading. It’s almost like listening to NPR. It feels good you know?

Well, the feeling I get when I daydream of reading is probably why I don’t read. That’s fine though, I always get around to reading again. Somewhere down the line.


Busy work is good work..?

I feel like this saying is not always necessarily true… Right?

It all depends on the type of work. And what you benefit from the work.

Is it paid? Is it something you love to do? Hate it? Who do you work with? What are they like?

I am sitting here at my internship right now pondering on this thought. How do I view this internship? Well, I am going on my fourth week. Too soon to tell.

But, it has me thinking. I didn’t want to be pondering alone, so I shared this with you. To make you think as well. How’s your busy work treating you?