The Japanese foot mask is a sensation!

It is mind-blowing! 🤯

Pictured above is the contents inside. It comes with the extracting pad and mainly an elastic medical tape to form around your foot.

Apparently, you can use this on your shoulder, lower back, knee or elbow!

But, it is recommended you use it on your feet at night.

I gotta say, when I woke up I did feel a lot better! 😚 And my feet felt clean! Especially after peeling the mask off (it turns from a tan color to a moldy brown color, yuck! 🤢) I can see that it did exactly what it stated!

The change of color was due to the extracting of toxins.

I love this product! It states that after continuous uses, the brown color should start to lighten as time goes on.

It helped me! And I have a good feeling it could help you!

Now it does not have to be this exact brand, but if you could find one where the main ingredients are starch powder, cinnamon extract, and ginseng, you should get similar results!

Happy hunting! 🤠


You have 7 days to wear yellow!

I challenge you to wear some yellow this week! I believe yellow is a very strong and bold color. Flaunting some yellow always yielded great confidence for me!

I wanted to figure out why it made me feel this way…

It’s because yellow emits feelings of happiness, laughter, cheeriness, warmth, and optimism. 😊💛

Do the world a huge favor and wear yellow with a big smile! 😘💕 Keep completing my challenges and I promise you… You’ll view yourself the same way I see you… As an amazing and awesome person. ☺️💛

You have 7 days to wear blue!

Why? Color psychology that’s why! The color blue evokes feelings of calmness, serenity, wisdom, loyalty, truth and a focused aspect of life. Just by adding the use of blue into your fashion style or closet will immediately impact the way you feel about your self-image!

How? By accepting this challenge, you are now becoming more aware of what and why you are wearing certain clothing! In simple terms, you are caring more about yourself then before…

You may be thinking this is silly… but in time you will see it works. After all, my challenges issued are straightforward and easy to complete! All you have to do is wear the color blue anywhere! It can be a scarf, shirt, pants, bracelet, you name it!

So what do you have to lose? Go for it! Be bold and be blue! 💙💙💙