“Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.” – Les Brown


Some days can be rough…

Everyone has those off days. And I definitely had mine today.

Regardless of what I was doing, I felt sad. Whether it was just lying in bed or playing video games, I could feel myself dosing off into La La land and thinking of all my dreams and goals I want to accomplish.

Maybe it’s something you can relate to. I don’t know, but I do realize I have to take things step by step. Not everything is going to happen at once or come on a silver platter. Everything that you want should be earned through some means.

It’s these rainy days that force me back to reality, which is not a bad thing.

Who wouldn’t want this? πŸ’°

Realistically, for any of my dreams to come true, I do need money.

I hate to say it, but it is true. BUT, money will never be my end goal! Money has never made me happy. Meaning that money will never bring me happiness.

It’s how I choose to use the money that makes me happy! Whether it’s for food, clothing, or to save up for something great!

Money will never corrupt me! I don’t have much… But I’m still living a very happy life! It’s the little thing in life that makes me happy. It should be the same way for you!

A visit to Japan! πŸ—Ύ

Another dream of mine… To revisit Japan! 🎌

The people are great… 🎎 The atmosphere is unique… 🎏 The food is remarkable… πŸ™ And the air is FRESH! 🌬

I love it there! I’ve lived in Japan and have visited multiple times. I just hope to have the ability to continually visit Japan!

And maybe there is a specific place where you want to visit or perhaps even live?

Who knows! Just keep dreaming and thinking! You will eventually come across goals, adventures, and dreams you desperately want! Keep believing and it will come true!

Utilize a Dream Board! You will never regret it. πŸ’›

Let’s make a Dream Board!πŸŒ¬πŸ’•

You heard me! We are making a Dream Board!

You’ve… Never heard of one? 😳 Ok well, it’s a brand new year! Let’s start it right! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’™

On a corkboard (which you can buy practically anywhere) You will make a Dream Board!

Every hopes, dreams, aspirations, inspiration and wants you have… Print out a photo of it and pin it on the board! Design it however you want! It’s so much fun to do!

After making one of these bad boys, I felt so great! As time goes on, I slowly add more and more to it and change out the photos that no longer express what I want anymore…<br<br
I am able to narrow down my exact goal in my life… Which is… well… I don't know yet! πŸ€”

I believe completing this challenge will help you out tremendously! Have fun making your Dream Board!