If you haven’t already…

Get your diffuser! The benefits are endless! There are more essential oils to try!

But before you buy any oil, please do some research! As in…

What benefits will this give me?

Research it! Make sure you are using the essential oil for its purpose! I know you can do this!

I will never tell you to do something unless I have tried it myself and I believe it can help someone else!

I care about you! Everything on this blog is for you!

Please, enjoy the diffuser and have fun with it.  ❤️


Do not buy this!!!

Any essential oil that is not 100% of something (like 100% Eucalyptus or Tea Tree Oil) tends to burn my throat! Any essential oil that only states things like, “Night Time Remedy” or “Calming Sensation.”

Stay away from these! Instead, stick to the Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, and Lavender Oil ONLY! Since these had only positive benefits to reap!

I was not able to test any other essential oils…


I found out that L’Oréal Paris had another Clay Face mask to try!

Even though it is not apart of the series (Eucalyptus, Charcoal and Red Algae) I went and picked it up and will try it today!

Stay tuned to what I think about the new face mask!

Tea Tree!

Just like what the label says, it’s benefits surround the idea of purifying! Also, it cleans the air, fights acne, soothe dry flaking skin and removes dandruff!

Although I couldn’t find much about the benefits… It does make the air smell amazing!

I don’t use this essential too much, but since it combats bacteria and mold, I do run my diffuser when I am not in my room!

Lavender Oil is a must! 💜

This is best known for soothing stress 🤬 and anxiety 🤪 And it has similar benefits to what Eucalyptus oil brings to the table!

It helps treat sleep issues, has antiseptic qualities, helps skin stay hydrated, prevents digestive matters, reduces blood pressure and eases tension on blood vessels.

Who knew that by adding essential oils to the diffuser* you get a significant health boost? 🤔 WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME ABOUT THIS BEFORE!

It’s amazing! 😄 You need to add a diffuser* and these essential oils to your life. It’s for the best!

Every night it’s hard to choose which essential oil I infuse with the diffuser*… 😅

I like to look at this as a good problem to have! 😚

EDIT* – Previously I said it was a humidifier. It is actually a diffuser. Sorry for the confusion.