Some days can be rough…

Everyone has those off days. And I definitely had mine today.

Regardless of what I was doing, I felt sad. Whether it was just lying in bed or playing video games, I could feel myself dosing off into La La land and thinking of all my dreams and goals I want to accomplish.

Maybe it’s something you can relate to. I don’t know, but I do realize I have to take things step by step. Not everything is going to happen at once or come on a silver platter. Everything that you want should be earned through some means.

It’s these rainy days that force me back to reality, which is not a bad thing.


How to start your day RIGHT! πŸ€©

Everyday… Is a brand new clean slate! The beginning of a great day (every day) is having the right mindset when you wake up! 😼

If you completed the Dream Board Challenge, then you are well on your way of changing your mindset! If you haven’t, it’s never to late to better yourself today!

For an early birthday present, my mother bought me this new board which is fantastic! 😍

The cork board is empty for a reason…

I am re-evaluating my goals in life and will notify you when a dream of mine pops onto the board!

The best part about utilizing the dream board is to write a message for yourself the next morning! πŸ’Œ

This will help you love yourself! It indeed shows you do care. Change your mindset and your outlook on life will be more favorable!

I hope you have an amazing day. πŸ˜šπŸ’›

For at least five minutes… β±

I challenge you to meditate for at least five minutes a day!

By meditate, I mean clear your mind. Whether that’s in a meditation pose, sitting down, lying down, standing or anything you feel comfortable doing! 🎍

I want you to relax. πŸ˜— Meditation is the greatest stress reliever! πŸ˜™ Before you can help anyone else, you have to help yourself first.

Meditation has been a significant part of my life. I mostly meditate lying down while using my face masks at night.Β πŸ˜„

You do not want to be stressed before going to sleep! By clearing your mind of reality for a split second will help you! Especially at night.

You do not have to completely empty your mind. You can envision your goals or anything that makes you happy!

All I am trying to accomplish by this is to relieve as much stress as possible this week, after all, you deserve to be happy!

So please, for at least five minutes a day, clear and ease your mind!

Believe, and you will achieve! πŸ’›

Close your eyes… Visualize whatever your heart desires… Did you see it?

Quick! Write it down! πŸ“ Write down what you saw! Maybe it was multiple images or objects…

It should be! You should never have one end goal in life. There should be many stepping stones! It should not be a one-and-done type deal.

Enjoy the journey! The adventure! The people you meet! All the little things in life! 🌎🌍🌏

If you can change your perspective on life and actually enjoy the small things life has to offer you, your outlook on your life would drastically change for the better! πŸ˜™πŸ’™

So print out or draw your dreams, goals or even things that make you happy! 🌈

On my Dream Board, I printed out a picture that I thought symbolized peace. (Pictured above) I strive for not only peace among others but inner peace as well. πŸ•Š

Starting tomorrow, I will talk about everything that is on my Dream Board!

I believe you can do this… And have fun doing so! ❀️

Add some flair to your Dream Board! πŸ”₯

Buy a small whiteboard!

Make a checklist filled with goals to achieve! As the day goes on, you get to check off the ones you’ve completed! β˜‘οΈ

This is an excellent way for me to end the day and start the day. Before I go to sleep, I take a look at everything I’ve completed. Then, I write down goals to reach for the next day and sometimes a cute note for myself to wake up to!

I promise you this routine will make your start to a new year a lot better! Goal oriented and self-loving. What a great combination!

Go above and beyond! This is your Dream Board! Create it how you want! Have fun. πŸ˜™πŸ’›

Let’s make a Dream Board!πŸŒ¬πŸ’•

You heard me! We are making a Dream Board!

You’ve… Never heard of one? 😳 Ok well, it’s a brand new year! Let’s start it right! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’™

On a corkboard (which you can buy practically anywhere) You will make a Dream Board!

Every hopes, dreams, aspirations, inspiration and wants you have… Print out a photo of it and pin it on the board! Design it however you want! It’s so much fun to do!

After making one of these bad boys, I felt so great! As time goes on, I slowly add more and more to it and change out the photos that no longer express what I want anymore…<br<br
I am able to narrow down my exact goal in my life… Which is… well… I don't know yet! πŸ€”

I believe completing this challenge will help you out tremendously! Have fun making your Dream Board!