Add music to your session!

Relaxing for at least five minutes will ease some stress you may be facing!

Escape reality! It benefits me and it should work for you too.

There is no exact way to meditate. Do it the way it makes you happy!

One thing I will suggest you do is add music into your calming time! Whatever genre of songs you like! Play it and enter another world.

While playing music, if you completed last weeks challenge and bought a diffuser, plug it in and turn it on during your relaxation span!

You will love this! I know I sure do. Keep it up! I’m rooting for you!


Oh, the wonders of Eucalyptus Oil!

Add a couple of drops of Eucalyptus Oil into the diffuser* and BAM!

You are about to dive right into a mist of healthy benefits!

Benefits include relaxation, a clear mind, revitalization of the skin,  uplifted spirit, open airways to breathe better, and better oral health!

There’s a boatload of more benefits! I use this right before I sleep and waking up has never been the same without it!

This oil should not be hard to find, it’s practically at every store I’ve been to. So try this out! And reap those benefits! 😚💚

EDIT* – I previously stated humidifier… It is actually a diffuser. Sorry for the confusion.