Quick Note regarding – Sagasu Inai

Just an FYI for everyone wondering what happened with the progression of this story.

To keep it simple and sweet, I only wrote this because I felt very down. It was a way to channel my sadness into energy exerted for a better cause.

If at any time I post about Sagasu Inai again, just know that even though I am down, I feel happier. Since I’m channeling sadness into something better. πŸ’•


You NEED to do this… πŸ€“

And that is read my favorite book, “Joyland,” written by Stephen King. 🎑

Published in 2013, “Joyland” instantly became my favorite book. After the first read, (six hours nonstop during a night before school) I was instantly hooked. I couldn’t for the life of me read another book without thinking about this lovely story. 😫

“Joyland,” is a mystery πŸ€” and crime πŸ”« story based at a North Carolina amusement park in 1973.

Reading that excerpt was enough for me to give this book a read. And that’s all I am going to tell you. I want you to delve into this story!Β πŸ“š

Hopefully, you’d have the same experience as me. I forgot to mention, I have given this book five total reads and am planning to do another over the summer!

Not excited to read this book yet? How about seeing where this story takes place. Cue the picture of the map!

Joyland map

This gorgeous masterpiece was illustrated by Susan Hunt Yule. I swear, after reading this book, I fell in love with all amusement parks! Big and small πŸ’•

Now that I think about it… It may have influenced my career choice… Wanting to someday work for an amusement park (writing/media aspect) 🀯

The past

Oh boy… the past! I won’t make it a sob story I promise!

Before I begin, just know that I don’t have any hatred toward anyone or anything in my past.Β  All the experiences and memories are what made me the kind of person I am today, and I wouldn’t change a thing. 😁

I always want to make positive impacts on those who come across me in life. In my head, I have implanted an assumption for everyone…

Everyone is going through something… So it’s better to be nice to everyone I meet.”

This is what drives me in life.

That’s also why I have this blog! To reach out to a wide range of individuals and hope maybe I can help someone out! πŸ˜™ In any way possible!

Sorry I keep getting sidetracked! Basically, I have been living in a house with four cool people all my life.

I don’t remember much of friends in school… But I can recall a bunch of bullying stories! πŸ˜‚

Growing up, I was teased and bullied for being a Japanese American. I didn’t get the best of grades, so I was also made fun of as, “disappointing” my ancestors (Whatever that means!)

Because of this bullying and treatment, I didn’t make many friends. The funny part is, as a kid, I didn’t realise I was being bullied until a couple years ago (Freshman year in college)

I was asked by my roommate of my earlier memories, and I recalled a BUNCH of bullying stories!


Maybe because I was super naive and a little stupid I guess… But I never judged anyone in my class! I was kind to everyone and kept to myself. I had the coolest brothers and video games at the time.

I don’t really know what else to talk about the past… So I guess I’ll end it here! Now that you know a little bit about my background, let’s talk about what I want in the future on Saturday!

Tomorrow I will be at the San Diego Padres’ game! I will share photos of my experience on Instagram and Vero! If you haven’t yet, connect with me on either platform! You can find it all here!

See you then! πŸ˜šπŸ’›



Sorry all!

I had to take a break from any social media for the past few days because well…

I was struggling! But I am determined to be back on track better than ever!

I am sorry I didn’t tell you beforehand…

But I hope you forgive me. ❀️

Sagasu Inai’s story will be worked on again, and you should expect a story soon! 🀭

Glad to be back and talk to you soon!