Do you ever just…

Get so invested into something? And I am talking like, GETTING INTO something?

Well, this happens to be my case for most things. I have no idea why it happens. Maybe you go through the same thing?

For my case, it’s about this Netflix show called, “Hilda.” I freaking love it. It is about a fearless young girl who is super invested in nature. The best part about the show is all the creatures and friends she meets along the way.

In some cases, I even connected with her. I felt my childhood is very similar to her case.

I fell in love with the show. And ordered the books the Netflix show is based on. This is what I mean by GETTING INTO something. I fell in love so quickly, and am now investing more time to discovering more about this show.

Can you relate to this? Or am I merely weird?



Time flies…

I can’t believe how fast time flies. And it is amusing to note that when you need time the most, that’s when it flies the most rapid.

A funny concept I know, but I believe this is true. When you are working the most and are on a deadline, TIME WIZZES BYE.

When you don’t need time, and you want it to be tomorrow already, an hour will feel like a year.

I wonder why this is… and is it a good thing?


I really want to read more. More news articles, books, and comics.

This a very common thing for me. But then I end up not getting to it. Sure I can blame it on being too busy, or being tired, time constraints, and forgetting about it. I feel like that’s the easy way out.

What’s funny is that I love daydreaming about reading. It’s almost like listening to NPR. It feels good you know?

Well, the feeling I get when I daydream of reading is probably why I don’t read. That’s fine though, I always get around to reading again. Somewhere down the line.